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The best-quality gardenia¡¢the largest distribution center¡¢and the most complete deep processing products of gardenia in the world

Resource Advantages

The company boasts domestically advanced technology and equipment, such as continuous dynamic microwave-assisted extraction equipment, German membrane equipment, dynamic resin adsorption equipment, etc., all of which are stainless steel (S304) equipment.

Quality Assurance

The production is conducted in strict accordance with the national GAP base construction standards; the technical specification for Tang Gardenia production (DB411325/T013-2004 ) has been formulated; and the whole process is organic.


The supercritical technology is applied in extraction, and the equipment and instruments for gas chromatography and liquid chromatography analysis are also used.

Cooperation Mode

The cooperation form "Company + Farmers + Academy" is applied in upstream, and a long-term strategic agreement with the Chinese Academy of Sciences was signed; While in the downstream, accurate and effective solutions are provided to customers.

Nanyang Tairui Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

With hardandconscientiouswork¡¢we win friendships worldwide

We are both the leader of the industryand a youth running toward the future and greater success..From1production line to5production lines, from1variety to52varieties

Fromone milliontoa hundred million£¬our turnover is growing rapidly; From dawn to sunset,

we have been always exploring the whole world that is interpreted by gardenia.

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Gardenia yellow pigment of color value 300-800
Geniposide of 95% content
High-end healthy edible oil with safranine features
Standard food-grade and pharmaceutical grade crocetin and crocin

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Are you worried about finding a natural, green, high-level food ingredient?

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19th Food Ingredients Ch

The company attended the 19th Food Ingredients China (2015) exhibition during April 1-3, 2015 in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai); Booth